About Vigo


Vigo is the most populous city of Galicia, located in one of the most beautiful landscape of the peninsula, it dominates the omonimous Ría. It is not only an authentic industrial city but also a fusion of tradition and innovation. The historical background of the city has marked its identity during the years, and attracted many tourists for its fascinating beaches and nature.


The city has 38 beaches and coves (without counting the beaches of the Cíes Isles); there are beaches perfect for families, incontamineted coves, nudist beaches and sea bottom with perfect waves to navigate and surfing. In May 2005, 9 of the 38 beaches have been certified blue flag: for the third time Vigo has been nominated the city with the record number of blue flag beaches.


Vigo’s culture is very ecletic: it embraces also urban and forestry parks that are situated in the hills of the village surrounded by amazing landscapes. Additionally, hiking paths are available on the mountains or on other areas of the city.


Vigo’s patrimony is priceless. It has also the fishing and commercial harbour which is considered one of the most important nationally and internationally.

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