About us


Posidonia Green Project is an international no profit association which promotes the ecologic culture respecting the environment through events, initiatives, awareness and communication campaigns.

Posidonia Green Project  supports the idea of balance between economic environment, social well- being and environmental protection, possible thanks to radical change of our lifestyle and thanks to the activate participation of all the sectors of the society.

Each thought correspond with an action and only by sowing it’s possible to reap a new habit.

In Posidonia Green Project we believe in a sustainable turning point:

  • WE BELIEVE that each person have influence on a global level.
  • WE CREATE  a place where innovation  coexist with the “Green” possibilities where the change is real and tangible.
  • WE SUPPORT that there are no national border or bounderies in the ecology and enviromental field.
  • WE FIGHT to create conscious choices leading to big goals from the smallest effort

  • WE ACT because this is the only way to arouse a reaction

The effect that our reaction will have on the environment can be positive or negative and we are, in fact  the only ones who can mark a path towards a sustainable future.