Sustainability & EcoFestival

Posidonia Green Project is an eco-event that cares about sustainability

In order to realize a real Eco-Festival that cares about sustainability, it is necessary to carry out, gradually, concrete actions which can put into practice the concepts of Responsibility and Sustainability.

It’s important to be aware that even if the organization is responsable for the environment, each participant of the organization is also involved.



The production of the event cares reducing energy consumption, for example through LED  and low power lighting, and takes actions to maximize the use of renewable energies, for example powering the stage through solar energy or bike–generators.


Rubbish collecting and recycling

The rubbish will be collected in different containers to be later recycled as much as possible, in cooperation with the Municipalities involved.



The decorations have been conceived, designed and built according to the principles of artistic recycling and minimal environmental impact, most of the materials used were recycled and recovered during the cleaning and awareness campaigns.


Workshops, installations, activities

 The Posidonia Festival will focus on workshops (for children and adults), installations and activities dealing with eco-oriented themes as recycling, renewable energies, creative beaches cleaning, protection of the ecosystems. All the activities will be realized following the recycling and energy saving principles.


Collective and sustainable transports

The Festival organization promotes the use of collective and sustainable transports both during the production phase like in every steps in daily works. We engage at every stage of production to use public transport, car sharing, electric vehicles and bicycles instead of in private vehicle or motorcycle.


Local products zero k

The organization at every stage of the project promotes consuming local products and zero km in all sectors, from food (preferably organic) to logistics. We work with a selected database of sustainable suppliers chosen on the basis of sustainability criteria and their certifications.


Reducing the consumption of plastic and paper

We promote and use communication and production tools with a special attention to the environment as:
-Main use of digital media instead of paper or plastic ones.
-Use of certified environmentally friendly paper and other recycled materials.


Biodegradable plastics

Since we are aware of the impact that plastic is causing in our ecosystem, in every stage of production we use biodegradable plastics and commit ourselves concretely in cleaning and raising actions.