Posidonia Green Festival


is an international Eco-Festival of Art, Environment and Sustainable Development.

It´s a space for dissemination of knowledge and practices that promote the protection of the natural coastal environment and, at the same time, an opportunity for sustainable developmentculture and tourism.

A laboratory for sustainable solutions for the tourism sector that creates a field of experimentation, reflection and promotion. It connects, in an innovative way, the world of the ecology, sustainable development and art. An event conceived and producted according to the environmental sustainability.




Thanks to the fundamental support of many partners and collaborators at the international level we have started a new phase of the Posidonia Green Festival. Together we want to raise public awareness with the aim of echoing at international level the green possibilities and that a sustainable development is possible.

  • Because we believe in the union of Culture, Education, and Environment Preservation as a means of making a transition towards a sustainable planet.

  • Because we are aware of the importance of defending the Posidonia oceanica and the Sea Prairies as a key element to maintaining the balance of the Mediterranean coast and marine ecosystems.


  • Local community / Tourists

  • Institutions/ Schools

  • Artists / Scientists

  • Professionals / Operators/ Profit and No- profit organization, public and private

    dealing with ecology, scientist research, art, culture and tourism.


The Festival is part of international networks of similar initiatives and is the developer of the Euro-Mediterranean network Posidonia Project dedicated to an international campaign on Posidonia oceanica and its impact on:
Mediterranean  Sea  Ecosystems (marine and terrestrial ecosystems)
Economics of Mediterranean populations
Climate change, global warming and stabilization of C02

Posidonia Green Festival

Arte, Natura e Sviluppo Sostenibile